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Hope Looks Like You

Hope Looks Like You


Many of us go through life hiding dark secrets that make us feel as though no one would ever understand us. While it is common to feel alone, one is NEVER alone. Join teen friends, Mara and Soledad, in a self-discovery journey as they confront and delve into their darkest secrets. On one end, young Mara finds herself carrying the burden of her painful childhood as she tries to find self-value and approval with every partner she encounters. On the other, while Soledad sets high expectations for herself and longs for peace, she falls on the throes of self-harm. Soledad also holds a gut-wrenching secret from her family. I invite you to follow their journey in finding hope in the midst of chaos. While life can be very difficult at times, surviving it can be hopeful to others. Come discover how hope can look like you.



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