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Caught In My Thoughts

Caught In My Thoughts


Masked in our thoughts, we often hide behind the feelings of sadness, fear, and anger. Our minds tell us to bury our feelings. Don’t deal with them, and maybe the feelings will go away. Yet, the feelings are still there. They creep up and show in our emotions, like anxiousness, rejection, and insecurity.


Sadness can sometimes cause people to search for peace, but at other times run away from it. Unfortunately, this may affect a life in many ways and cause an enormous amount of pain. Until we unmask our feelings, our thoughts will continue to control us.


In order to persist in my healing, I had to understand the trauma that I endured as a child. Through the writing of this book, I was able to dig deeper and be real with myself. Facing the demons that tormented me was not easy, but by fearlessly looking them in the eyes, acknowledging them, I am allowing healing to take place. Come follow the princess in her journey of healing as you walk into my own heart.



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